This one happened when I had a conversation with a friend couple years ago. I had to pick something up, he came down from his apartament and got in the car. We talked.

On that particular day he looked and sounded quite tense. His face, how he was moving and gesturing, how he spoke. I noticed that the muscles on his face, neck and shoulders were tight. His movements jerky and constricted.

Now: he had a good job, was in a good shape, was in a solid relationship (it seemed).
And yet..as we spoke..he was letting me know that not all is kosher. He said the worst part was that he cant even put a finger on it..I remember one thing he said:
‘Something needs to change’
Immidiately I quipped:
‘From what to what.’

His whole body turned to me and he almost screamed: ‘Exactly! Good question!’

And then he went inside, kept looking for his whats.

We continued talking for few more minutes.

He relaxed. His face softened. Shoulders slumped a bit and a smile came back.

That change thing. The most natural thing and yet so elusive.

The Joker in original Batman movie asked: ‘Have you ever danced with a devil in the pale moonlight?’

Another thing he could have said: ‘And once you find yourself coming to rest, that’s when the fun starts. And it’s different from what you think.’.